RIT ++ Client Programming Program

    imageDo you remember how it all began? One of our most interesting conferences is ClientSide. Summer meetings of speakers ...

    Slowly and without fever we are trying to revive the idea. In the ClientSide Program Committee, all the same people who were involved in the first ClientSide: Vadim Makeev, Dmitry Satin, Alexander Shurkaev, Nikolai Matsievsky, Sergey Chikuenok, Ivan Dembitsky. You do not know who it is? Probably, you are a hardcore PHP programmer, but not a typesetter ;-))

    Under the cut is the program of the “Client Technologies” section in RIT ++

    Modern web standards:

    CSS management Three years later / Vadim Makeev (Opera);
    Where is that young punks ... The report will be devoted to the following question: why, despite the rapid development of technologies, terrible websites are still being created on RuNet on HTML 5, CSS 3, Silverlight and others. / Mikhail Baranov (Web Standardists);
    Web typography / Rostislav Chebykin;
    CSS3: the future of layout mechanisms / Vyacheslav Oliyanchuk (IT Studio);

    Modern browsers:

    (the topic of the speech is being specified) / Charles MacKethi Neville (Opera);
    IE9 first-hand / Alex Mogilevsky (Microsoft);


    Desktop-like web applications: SproutCore, Cappuccino, and ukijs. / Volodya Kolesnikov (Yandex);
    AmpleSDK / Sergey Ilyinsky;

    Mobile technology:

    Report on new technologies that help make sites accessible for a wide range of mobile devices. The reasoned attack against fashionable among the developers of a bunch of “desktop iPhone” from a recognized specialist on site accessibility. / Patrick Lauke (Opera);
    Technologies for creating mobile web applications: HTML5, cache manifest, Local Storage API, Local Database API, Geolocation API. / Konstantin Zhdanov (Qik);

    Animation in browsers:

    CSS animations in combat conditions: advantages and disadvantages / Sergey Chikuyenok;

    Applied Techniques:

    Widgets: an online project outside the site / Gleb Belogortsev (RBC);
    Error. Awareness, analysis, profit. / Vadim Makishvili (Yandex);

    Master classes:

    Master class “Reality show: 5x speeding up a site in 10 minutes” / Nikolay Matsievsky (WEBO Software);


    CSS3 and HTML5 right now / Yuri Artyukh;
    Application development management for 6 mobile platforms using the example of mobile Yandex.Maps / Oleg Gerasimov (Yandex);
    Yandex.Maps API: attack on bicycles / Fedor Golubev (Yandex).

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