Wikipedia Articles in FictionBook2

    I would like to ask the community how useful the service is converting articles from Wikipedia to fictionbook2 format?

    Now the service works in a draft mode, it satisfies my needs (both in terms of convenience, performance, and the number of shortcomings).
    If there are several people who may find this service useful, then you can bring it into production form and publish it for public access.

    As I see it:

    The task at hand:
    To make reading long Wikipedia articles more comfortable and convenient.

    How is this achieved:
    The service, at the request of the user, creates a fb2 format file with the contents of the Wikipedia article. The user saves the file to a mobile device and reads at his convenience and in his favorite book reader.

    Target audience:
    Owners of smartphones, PDAs, e-books. Prefer to read offline.

    Optimized wikipedia site for mobile devices.
    All sorts of different clients written for specific mobile devices (for the iPhone a lot, for Android, too, there are some for WM)

    • Convenient clients for reading books in fb2 format are for almost any platform. At the same time, using Wikipedia through a browser is not always convenient. In particular, when formatting text, browsers do not insert hyphens inside words, and HaaliReader does this.
    • Reading offline - downloaded the article in fb2 (or even in and sit on the subway read it.

    Clear flaws:
    • hypertext is lost (or is not very conveniently implemented)
    • at the moment, the “buggy” service does not support redirects on Wikipedia, sometimes it makes mistakes with pictures and so on ...
    • currently only works with Russian Wikipedia
    • ... I’ll remember I will add more, but many shortcomings ...

    Examples of books:

    PS Now the service is a site with one input field and one button, but nothing prevents it from making a greasemonkey script that will work on Wikipedia sites ...

    Update: karma allowed Wikipedia to be transferred to the blog . it seems there is a better place

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