Bill Gates and Toshiba will work on a nuclear reactor

    imageThe founder of Microsoft and the Japanese company Toshiba will team up to create a new generation nuclear reactor capable of working for a hundred years without recharging. Current reactors can only work for about five years.

    Nikkei Economics Daily, without identifying the source, reports that the project is called Traveling-Wave Reactor (TWR); its essence is that in a new type of reactor, spent uranium can be used as fuel.
    By the way, Toshiba already has a compact reactor project that has been in operation for 30 years. It is called Super-Safe, Small and Simple (4S). It will be he who will be taken as the base of the new reactor. TerraPower, owned by Gates, will also participate in the development and production.

    Bill Gates is reported to be the main investor, and his contribution to the project could be up to several billion dollars.

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