Dear Habra community, I want to bring to your attention the startup Thickbuttons , which was announced this night at the DEMO Spring 2010 conference  . This is a new technology that allows you to conveniently and accurately type text on touchscreen phones, depending on the characters typed, Thickbuttons increases the buttons that are most likely to be pressed next. The application is already available on the Android Market.


    The idea is that the application increases useful buttons by reducing “unnecessary” ones. According to the founders, they decided to do just that, because it is much easier to predict which characters are definitely not needed than to guess useful characters or even a whole word, as other technologies do. As a result, after typing the first few characters, useful buttons increase by 15–20%, which, in essence, is equivalent to typing in text in horizontal mode.

    I would also like to note that the founders of the startup are lads from Ukraine, which cannot but rejoice!

    Well, and by tradition, the QR code

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