Revolutionary wealth. Toffler

    Alvin Toffler is an American sociologist and futurologist, one of the authors of the concept of "super-industrial civilization." In his main works, the thesis is held that humanity is moving to a new technological revolution, that is, the first wave (agrarian civilization) and the second (industrial civilization) are being replaced by a new one, leading to the creation of a (super-industrial) information civilization.

    Toffler warns of new difficulties, social conflicts and global problems that humanity will face at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries. More about the author .

    The book “Revolutionary wealth” shows our 21st century, in which the transition to the information age is already in full swing. Considered the United States, Europe, China, Japan, India briefly Russia.

    Revolutionary wealth.  Toffler

    The book provides an analogy of the route along which cars are racing: from cars under 100 miles per hour to crawling 10, 5 miles per hour. The former are modern business and private organizations, the latter are education, government agencies and politics. All this is illustrated by the USA.

    In the future, each of the topics is disclosed in detail. The transition from mass to the individual is considered. Desynchronization of modern business and the state.

    A fundamental change in education. The transition from schools that were created for the industrial wave, preparing workers for factories, to individual education.

    Consumer economics, including Linus and DIY (DIY).

    With a smile, I read the paragraph mentioning the author of the book "Steal this book." Like, if such a book were written today, then it would be called "Steal this book and distribute it on the Internet for free" (it is strange that such a book has not yet been written).

    In general, who has already read fiction and fantasy, who have not yet figured out in this world and are not ossified - I recommend it, I really liked it. I learned a lot, plus secured and streamlined already known things.

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