Kaspersky RescueDisk (start of beta test)

    The RescueDisk (RD) beta test has begun today, which will be included in the KIS / KAV2011

    ISO RD file. You can download it here

    A brief description of the RD functionality (new functionality is highlighted in bold):
    • Booting a computer from CD / DVD media
    • Computer boot in graphical and text mode
    • Saving information about the system hardware in electronic form in order to transfer it to Kaspersky Lab in case of unsuccessful download
    • Search for malware in startup objects and disinfection of startup objects
    • Search and destruction of malicious objects in the boot sectors of mapped drives
    • Search for malware and cure files on disk
    • Checking the following types of media:
    • internal hard drives
    • external USB hard drives
    • flash media
    • Support for MS Dynamics Volumes and Hardware RAID
    • Support for the following file systems:
    • NTFS
    • FAT32,
    • FAT16,
    • Ext2,
    • Ext3,
    • Reiserfs

    UPD Source : Persistence in “Viruses (and Antiviruses)”

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