Ready-made team for your online startup

    Many companies are faced with the problem of selecting a new team for the project, and many people know how difficult it is now to find a really strong team with work experience that can effectively solve the tasks.
    However, there are happy coincidences - the finished team itself is looking for a company. Why?

    So. We are looking for a company with an interesting project in the field of Internet technologies, ready to accept a well-developed team of professionals on good conditions, with experience in developing projects with high attendance.
    The team has its own developments (framework) in the field of high loads, an established process for the production of software products from planning, design to testing and formal assessments of the quality of development.

    And how did it happen that such a team ended up on the job market?
    Yes, everything is simple. It just so happened that I put together a good team in a new startup (the startup is not mine). I have been working as the head of Internet development for more than 7 years,
    and in this new project I managed to get some of my best colleagues (from different companies), so to speak, from the "settled" places.
    The startup, before it started, ran out of funding. As a result, I feel a certain burden of responsibility for these guys.
    And he decided, why not share with the Habr community, in which there are many representatives of companies that need a good team.

    The team consists of 3 people: team leader + two developers, development experience in PHP, JavaScript, MYSQL, Postgres, JAVA, C. Fourth - flasher, did not manage to switch.
    Details in PM.

    UPD: Add. the details. We are not startups, and we are not looking for work for a percentage of future profits. Ideally, this should be a company with approved investments or with a finished product, ready to take on a permanent job in the office (Moscow), a team under the salary.

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