Japanese model Momoka Eri and Fujitsu have announced a netbook for girls - FMV-BIBLO LOOX M. The model is a typical netbook based on the Pine Trail platform (Atom N450, 10-inch monitor, resolution 1366x768 pixels, 1GB RAM, 250 GB hard drive and so on Further).

    However, the dignity of the machine is not the characteristics, but the fact that it was developed with the participation of the most beautiful woman in Japan. Fetishes are generally fond of in the Land of the Rising Sun, and here two of them are offered at once: both the designer and the product automatically cause an enthusiastic “nya” among schoolgirls.

    It’s a pity, by the way, that we have similar tricks so far not too common. One can only guess that instead of hearts it would be depicted on a netbook for boys, to which I would put my hand, for example, Cord.


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