SOHOBILL.RU - We expand functionality and test API

    The service of creating accounts SOHOBILL.RU continues to develop! Today I want to announce a small list of innovations, invite those who wish to test the API and create a small survey.

    So, in order ...

    1. For the directories "Goods and Services" and "Clients" added the import and export functions from / to text and XML files

    2. Created and ready to test the service API. Everyone who wants to take part in testing should have an account on our service and a desire to inform us of errors that will be detected when using the API. Those wishing to take part in testing the API write to soholab [dog] with your login in the system.

    3. There are a lot of requests for the implementation of templates for accounts in the project. We are ready to implement this functionality, the question is how flexible the template should be configured. We see two options:
    a) typical HTML + custom CSS
    b) custom HTML + custom CSS
    Which option is preferable for you?

    Thanks to everyone who uses our service!

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