Gabe Newell vs. DRM

Original author: John Funk
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Valve co-founder Gabe Newell thinks that too tight DRM will ultimately devalue the product.


Last night at the Game Developers' Choice awards , receiving the Pioneer Award , Gabe Newell spoke out against too tough DRM (which is dark today , which hurts many for life ).

“Valve talks a lot about entertainment as a service,” Newell said. “This is an approach in which you ask: what have I done for my clients today?”

“This way of thinking helps us make informed decisions and avoid things like some DRM problems that reduce the cost of your game due to DRM-related negativity.”


Newell’s comments were greeted with applause, both by industry luminaries and by developers, perhaps making it clear that game developers also dislike DRM, as do gamers.

Although Newell’s statement was most likely sincere, he actually uses the DRM himself (albeit less rigidly than the others). I think, “If you use DRM, make it as painless as possible” is an axiom that most of us accept, right? And frankly, Steam has other benefits.

I think this is what annoys me the most in the failure of Ubisoft. The irony is that Ubisoft could more successfully deal with gingerbread piracy, not a whip, without the absurd requirement of a constant connection to its servers during the game.

“Buy our game, register it and install how much you want and where you want, and you also have the opportunity to save it in our cloud so that you can continue playing from the last save on any computer!” Do Ubisoft like this, wouldn't people have an incentive to buy a game to get bonuses? Instead, everyone is punished.

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