Proxeterium. Chapter 1. Part 2: Street

    This post is a continuation of the story about a man who changed his life, which directly depends on the computer for the better. Each part will be short so that there is no tension and fatigue from reading, and the text is written simply, without frills and complex phrases. I will try to adhere to spoken language. Further, if you like it, I will try to make the story better and better. I will be happy to hear your comments and suggestions.
    Chapter 1. Part 1: Introduction

    - The phrase of an outside hero
    * The phrase of the protagonist
    * The absence of a sign * - the thoughts of the protagonist

    Chapter 1. Part 2: Street

    So, I went outside and immediately stepped into the puddle, not noticing it with sore and sticking eyes. Damn, after all, again at school they will call them “red-eyed,” and yet this redness is already so full that it is not going to leave, even eye drops do not help. Oh to hell ...
    Plus, the neck hurts, most likely it was blown away from the open window, which was so lazy to close yesterday, but you just had to tear your ass from the chair and walk 2 meters. Damn it, how embarrassing it is sometimes for what you did in the past days. And again, even thinking about your mistakes, again you admit them day after day. After all, I understand that this is impossible, but still I continue to do ...
    - Hi.
    * Hello to you, Sasha.
    Hmm, Sasha is late today, but such a diligent student. Of course, she doesn’t want to talk to me, like everyone else, because they are not interested in talking to me, they are not interested in the fact that yesterday I managed to jump in Counter-Strike for the first time or that I defeated my opponent with just one worm, despite the fact that he had them a whole team. Give them a sport and a healthy lifestyle, while they themselves quietly drink beer and smoke cigarettes, although I have never even tried this in my life. In general, I feel better when I'm alone, no one asks unnecessary questions and does not teach how to live ...
    But on the horizon appeared a blue school building, a building similar to the Latin letter H. How much I hate this place! A place where you are loaded with a huge amount of information, they constantly demand something and are forced to live by their rules! This is more like a prison, except for those lessons that I like, but they can be counted on the fingers: computer science, mathematics, Russian. And all the rest is a waste of time and a scattering of thoughts. How I hate you school. But a little more, only 2 years and I can leave you. And now ... take me into your cold embrace ...

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