Gift for March 8th

    Inspired by a discussion of a similar topic .
    Why, in this case, not show habra-people with properly growing hands another option for a cool gift to their beloved? You still have time, habrachelovek!

    Actually, the gift itself was made and presented on February 14th. When my beloved woman pulled out a beautiful jewelry box from under her pillow, just in case I was prepared to run away - how many reactions would a woman who expected a diamond find a cog? Well, nothing happened;)
    So, we need a nickel-plated or copper-plated screw and a nut М3 or М4 (aesthetes can try M5, but I don’t recommend it), a piece of copper wire 1-3 mm in diameter and 10 centimeters long, a round file, a soldering iron, a vise or a clip and half an hour of free time .
    Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of making a gift, so I describe in words the process plus photos of the finished product: So, carefully tighten the screw in a vice, put two matches (or any pieces of wood) under the thread so as not to damage the cut, make a cut in the hat to the size wires, repeat the same with a nut. Turning the nut all the way, cut off the protruding part of the screw - now, unscrewing the nut, you will restore a slightly damaged thread. Then you can tweak it a little more with a file so that it easily twists.

    Use a well-heated soldering iron to tin this cut. If the steel is poorly soldered, go into the kitchen, kiss your woman and quietly take a bag of citric acid - however, a couple of crystals is enough. If there is no citric acid, you can take an aspirin tablet from the medicine cabinet and chop off a piece of it. After acid thoroughly rinse the soldering place, otherwise in a couple of days there will be bueee.
    Make a ring of copper wire the size of your chosen finger and solder to the cog. The same is for her finger (I figured out in advance what thickness of the phalanx of my finger corresponds to her finger, so I guessed with the size) and soldered to the gadget:

    The assembled structure is polished well; you can even varnish it so that the copper does not fade. If you find a tube with the inscription "Acidol" in household goods, then everything will sparkle. Alas, I was too lazy to varnish and, as can be seen in the pictures, copper in a week became dull. Aesthetes can silver - on the Internet there are a lot of recipes for home silvering.
    It remains to check whether the thread is accidentally damaged: and give a present to your beloved. Happiness to you,% username%!

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