Good ideas contest

    The small start of a big competition.


    imageAs I already said , Intel launched an interesting new project called Intel AppUp , which is an application store for mobile devices based on Intel Atom. Full benefits - developers can sell their applications or components, and ordinary users can make purchases or choose free alternatives. And given that the mobile device market continues to grow, the demand for such resources is growing. It is in our power to make a useful contribution to its development.

    imageAnd for this, we begin the contest with the simplest task possible. You need to come up with the idea of ​​an application for a mobile device such as a netbook or MID based on Intel Atom. Maybe they invented something ingenious for a long time, but you can’t do it or you don’t want to? Or, for a long time, just some program was missing, but which one can you describe? Well, why not give it a try! Everything is interesting - from widgets, casual games or clipboard managers, to clients to social networks or something else incredible. Players of online music, add-ons for popular services, futuristic functionality for faceless webcams, unusual launchers and virtual table systems, some new solutions for maintaining a to-do list or notes, secret developments that make life easier for students - anything, but it’s necessary to carry practical benefit for all of humanity :)

    imageBy announcing this contest, we are fully counting on the adequacy of the visitors present on the site who understand that offering programs in the style of Adobe Photoshop is pointless, and games, for example, require considerable computing resources (after all, all netbooks and MIDs use integrated video solutions, and not discrete). In general, you can’t do without understanding the difference between a netbook and a laptop!

    imageOtherwise, the main condition is that the idea is practical and, first of all, for mobile devices. The tailwind in the sails of the idea will be its extraordinary, interesting, maximum disclosure and sophistication - only with this attitude will it be possible to occupy a podium.

    imageAcceptance of work will end on March 31, so there is time to “think”. From April 1 to April 11, the impartial jury of Intel will take stock, and on April 12, a list of the names of three lucky people will be announced. Why, you ask, lucky? Because they will get a wonderful prize in the face of the SSD * * X25 series, which I recently wrote about .

    * UPD * By popular demand, the competition was extended until April 15th.

    imageI’ll clarify once again - while the competition is only for the idea, but as you know, there is no smoke without fire. Very soon, another large-scale competition will begin - there you will have to stay in the shoes of the developer. The prizes will be just grand, but the return we want is completely different;)

    imageFor the first step to victory, leave your ideas directly in the comments. However, please note that participation in the competition is exclusively voluntary, which means Intel is not responsible for the ownership. In any case, be sure to read the information on this page.

    * The exact volume of the disks will be known a little later.

    Good luck !

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