Ogre3D 1.7 Cthugha release!


    At the end, the long-awaited release of the open source render engine Ogre3D 1.7 Chtunga was released.
    The main changes in this thread can be found on  this page . Download source from  svn .
    You can download precompiled SDKs for different platforms here.

    The new version has many wonderful additions:
    • The system for launching demo applications has been completely redesigned. Almost all the examples were rewritten for new features.
    • The engine officially switched to the MIT license.
    • The developers abandoned the use of zip archives and switched to 7zip archives. (immediately used tar.gz)
    • One of the main features is the new Terrain plugin (see screenshots and change history on the forum ).
    • The new RTSS runtime shader system , where code generation is performed on the fly.
    • Improved compatibility with 64-bit systems.
    • For compilation under Windows, a project for Visual Studio (sln) has been added.

    I want to remind you that several high-level projects have been written on this engine: Torchlight, MotorM4X, Zombie Driver, Venetica.
    Now I ’ll compile a new version, after finishing I will post screenshots of some features from demo applications. And under the cut you can look at the new Terrain system.
    Under cat, the main features of the engine.


    Dynamic Textures:


    Transparent Objects:


    Deffered Shadding:

    Composer: Bloom + HDR

    Also popular now: