Old universal remedy - match

    And once again I present my blog for discussion.

    A match is an outdated product, but as cinema (5th element, Avatar) shows, it will not die with time. Now more and more use lighters. But the matches remain and are still popular. But they can be used not only for its intended purpose. Matches can be used for repairs; as a material for creating all kinds of crafts; as a source of inspiration for writing poems, songs; as a source to follow when creating art objects ...

    When creating and working on a blog, I adhered to the following ideas:
    specify links to the source;
    try to find and publish non-trivial information;
    fill out the blog regularly.

    I would also like to note that when working with this blog and regularly searching for material, nothing like this blog was noticed. A lot of material has been collected and much more has not been published.

    And here is the link: Match and All-All-All.

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