Closing automatic WebMoney interfaces

    Today I received a letter from the WebMoney administration in the mail, because I am the owner of the seller’s certificate:
    Dear friends,

    you have received this letter because you are the owner of the WebMoney Merchant Certificate.
    In accordance with our rules, WebMoney automated reception interfaces and Merchant certificate are issued only to businesses registered in the catalog.
    We ask you to go through the registration procedure in the catalog here: . The deadline for considering the application is three business days.
    For those who, for some reason, do not want to be publicly visible in the catalog, we have provided hidden registrations, as well as hidden categories of goods and services. When applying, you can choose a hidden registration and indicate the reasons for this.
    After March 1stall certificates of sellers of WMIDs that did not apply for registration in Megastock will be turned into personal, and automatic interfaces will be disabled . If you do not agree with the above conditions, you can continue to accept WebMoney in manual mode, it will not entail any other consequences besides disabling automation.
    Note: if you have several WMIDs attached to the same certificate, take care of registering all of them in Megastock.

    It’s good that I quickly responded and applied for registration in the catalog. But two things confuse me:
    - why they warned me so late;
    - and whether they will be able to process all applications in one business day and two days off and whether they will turn off the reception of money in my stores, if I lose customers and money.

    What do you think about this?

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