New Steam Client Interface

    Today, the new version of Steam is already available for beta testing. It includes many changes to the client core. The most significant of all is the interface ...

    Friend list

    Since 2003, Steam has focused on the social component of games. But users wanted something more ... Now all the information you have is “in full view”. You can see which of your friends are playing and what. Here you can invite them to your server (etc.). So, you can find out directly on the game purchase page information about which of your friends have already bought it and how many played. This will help you make the right choice. There is also the ability to display recommendations that are based on the preferences of friends.


    For many players, it is very important to keep abreast of all gaming events. For them, a news section was created. It gets information about the release of games, announcements, updates and much more. Each game has its own news channel, which also makes it easy to keep track of the products you are interested in.


    Previously, not everyone understood how to monitor achievements (for this, you had to go to your profile on the Steam website). Now they are available both in the in-game interface and in the library of games.

    Game library

    Over time, the collection of your games has increased, and in order to help you manage it, we made some transformations ... Now you can divide the games into groups, for example, "What I wanted to play with UFOs" or "MMORPG, without which I can not live." In addition, viewing the new library is much more pleasant, because she is more informative.


    Surely someone had problems tracking the current downloads and everything connected with them in one way or another. Now there is a separate “download” tab, which displays all the information about downloads (speed, remaining time, etc.). Well, of course, there were a lot of corrections.


    The main innovations:

    • Complete change of interface to increase clarity and information
    • Complete change in-game interface to provide more information about the game
    • A new view of displaying details about the game
    • A new news page that broadcasts news about Valve products, new store games and community information
    • The new look and feel of the download interface makes it easy to collect information about your downloads, speed, status, etc.
    • New store design with integrated social component (recommendations, videos, screenshots, reviews, ratings, etc.)


    • Increased reliability of auto-entry to the store and community from the Steam client
    • Improved "line cutting" system in some places of the program
    • Corrections that reduce the likelihood of a program freezing
    • Fixed inability to delete manually added games to the library
    • Bugs fixed in navigation
    • Many improvements in performance and memory consumption


    • Now the client uses the WebKit engine to display web pages
    • Increased speed of the built-in browser
    • Improved search functionality on the news page
    • Web pages using confirm () or alert () commands in javascript no longer cause client freezes

    Incomplete translation of the announcement from the official Steam website.

    If you already have Steam installed, then you can take part in beta testing. Just go to the settings and then in the beta test selection section, select “UI Update”.

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