VS2010RC + Silverlight 4 = We work together!

    Since the release of VS2010RC, everyone could not help but think that Silverlight 4, to put it mildly, was thrown. Since at the moment it’s impossible to use SL4 in RC. According to the official version of Microsoft, you need to wait for an update for SL, or use beta for now. The situation is not very pleasant for those who work with SL4.

    Just recently I discovered that there is still the opportunity to start and work with SL4 in VS2010RC. We look at the blog of Alexander Sorokoletov where he describes how, using simple tricks, make SL4 work in the last candidate. In addition to SL4 itself, it is also possible to launch RIA services.

    Thanks for the tip FFire , who could not publish it.

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