Snowball is a mega-shooter in jabber


    Legend has it that once an evil-tree under -40 prevented good guys from playing snowballs, and they muddied their own jabber snowballs with Black Jack and girls.

    image“Snowballs” is a mega-shooter based on the eponymous folk fun, the events of which develop somewhere in Siberia.

    You find yourself among the snow-covered plains in a dressing gown only, and in order to survive you need to throw all the snowballs and periodically apply to the heating pad.

    Over time, you get boots, a hat with earflaps, fleece pants and a sweatshirt, but the main goal is to firmly establish yourself in the rating scammer.

    All game control takes place in the messenger window through text commands. Well, you won’t screw others into the messenger :)

    Actually, what is all this chatter about? Add a contact and see for yourself.

    The Snezhkov contact is (If the bot hasn’t written anything to you, write to it yourself. You can even call it - it won’t be offended.)

    Invites? To hell with invites.

    The game, as usual, is in beta mode, so if you notice bugs or any other oddities, please write here in the comments. And suggestions and suggestions are doubly welcome :)

    PS The site has not yet been muddied, as there is sorely lacking time. But stir up soon.

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