In April of this year will be the iPhone 4G; rumor has it that it will support fourth-generation cellular networks

    The Korea Times reported yesterday that a Korean mobile operator called KT is planning to launch sales of a new generation of iPhone mobile phones this April, which will be powered by dual-core processors and powerful graphic coprocessors (for processing video and photos), and organic light emitting diode (OLED) screens, and support live video chats.

    Site «AppleInsider» publishes regular leakage from internal sources of the company Apple's : new devices will be equipped with ARM-based processors Cortex-A9 design, the ability to overcome dvuhgigagertsovy frequency limit. It is also planned to introduce RFID technology that provides contactless authentication.

    This news is retold on the website Lenta.Ru. And in the LJ community, yota_ru is now discussing whether mobile WiMAX (in particular, Yota ) will be among the 4G technologies supported by the new iPhone. There is also a picture that attracts attention:

    [iPhone 4G]

    Most of all, the list of new features on the Internet is on the right. In particular, the version of the operating system shown in the illustration raises considerable doubts about the conformity of this concept of objective reality.

    Judging by its address, then this picture - of the December part yonderBrazilian blog, however, without knowledge of the Brazilian, I can not find there a blog entry corresponding to it.

    The closest date for checking Korean and Brazilian news is January 27; just then (according to “AppleInsider”) Apple is going to present to the public a new iPhone 4.0 SDK. Some developers back in December last year seemed to get advice from Apple to prepare their applications for launch on a screen that would exceed the size of 320x480.

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