We are looking for speakers on the DIY-November 19 November


    Today is September 19, which means until the next DIY-mitap there are only two months left! This time we will spend it on Sunday, so that even those who study or work on Saturdays can come. The event will be held in the Moscow office of Mail.Ru Group. We again booked a large atrium, so that, as on the summer meeting, there will be enough space for everyone, and we will be able to arrange poster presentations. Details and form of recording under the cut.

    If you want to participate in the mitap and tell about what you can do, write us about this https://goo.gl/forms/A31uHheUZBSohV5t1 . If you do a lot of things and want to tell about it - you can submit several applications (fill out the form several times), then everything will be decided by a vote.

    We practically do not limit the choice of topics. Email us if you can:

    We are waiting for your applications until October 19. From October 20 to October 29, we will vote for the most interesting topics. On November 1, we announce 10 participants whose reports will be included in the program of the meeting.

    In the meantime, watch our channel on youtube , if you missed reports from previous mitaps, and subscribe to our channel in the telegraph , to keep abreast of new products from the field of DIY.

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