fasten plugins from Idea to WebIde

    Today, having successfully completed writing one small but very useful plugin for IDEA for me personally, I was upset at the inability to fasten it to WebIDE, although the flight was normal in Idea 7/8/9.
    And so, having grown up and engaged in a comparative analysis of the “old” and “new / kosher” plug-ins, I found a way to fasten almost any IDEA plug-in to JetBrains WebIDE, which I hasten to share :)

    I used “ almost ” because it was tested far from everything, but everything I tried worked. I don’t promise a 100% operability of the method for sim, and it’s difficult to predict how a cooked-in plug-in will behave either, but so far I have not found any problems.

    We will fasten on the example of EmbeddedBrowserbecause I had an urgent need for it a few days ago, which I successfully met only today.

    1. Download
    2. Unpack into the folder with the plugin in {webide_home} / plugins /
    3. We start WebIde. did not pick up the plugin? ay-ay, I knew that: P
    4. In {webide_home} / plugins / EmbeddedBrowser / META-INF, open the plugin.xml file
      that looks something like this:


      * This source code was highlighted with Source Code Highlighter.

      and add a little new:



      * This source code was highlighted with Source Code Highlighter.

    5. Save
    6. We launch
    7. Hurrah! The plugin was successfully picked up, the wonderful Embedded Browser item appeared in the Tools menu
    8. urgently set up everything that was in IDEA and what was so lacking in WebIDE

    If it’s not difficult, write to someone that “took off”, and who does not. so that if necessary, to deliver
    something, everyone could search for the result of an attempt to comment and not make unnecessary movements.

    ... and forgive me, the WebIDE developers for “burning the subject”

    ZY: and finally about the mentioned small but useful plugin:
    I’m a lazy creature and it breaks me every time to type pieces of the same text like “ function () {} ", " this. / $ this-> "etc. If earlier I, in general, had enough “macros” in UltraEdit and IDEA, then in WebIDE macros still do not work, and in IDEA 8 they do not depend on what context they are executed in.

    For this, he created a plug-in for himself, which, by clicking on the hotkey, inserts the corresponding “phrases” into the editor, which may differ depending on the language (Java - “this.”, PHP - “$ this->”).

    in the current incarnation, the plugin allows you to:
    - specify in the template where to place the cursor after insertion
    - where to stick the selected piece of text inside the template (if there was a selection)
    - and allows you to re-read the configuration without opening / closing the IDE.

    configs are stored in an XML file inside the folder with the plugin and are edited “in notepad”. made clumsy and rude, but it seems reliable and, for now, suits me. if you want to try - let me know. Although this is a "trick for an amateur", I’m not sure that many will like it.

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