How to protect your personal data when registering a domain?

    imageAfter reading the post “ I see you through, and you naively believe that you are completely safe ”, I recalled the incident, which shocked me very much because I was “forced” to publish personal information about myself on the Internet.

    I try not to leave information about myself on the Internet.

    When registering a domain name in the service , I initially did not want to indicate my personal data in Whois.

    I indicated the correct data in the user profile on This data is not accessible to anyone and is needed in order for service employees to contact me, as well as send a certificate for a domain name by mail. But when filling out the form with the information that goes into the Whois record, I indicated false data in the required fields Last Name, Mailing Address, etc. Fortunately, the website separately lists the profile data and the data that goes to the whois record.

    I even called and clarified this question with the support service. They told me clearly and clearly that I did the right thing: the main thing is to correctly indicate the data in the profile, and in whois I can specify whatever I want.

    However! As time passes, I get a message about the following content:

    "This message is a reminder to maintain the correct contact information for your domain. We have the following information for the domain% domain% that we have registered:

    % Infa from Whois%

    If you find that any information is inaccurate, please correct it in your control panel.

    As soon as you save your changes, they will appear in Whois instantly.

    Please remember that in accordance with the Domain Registration Agreement, incorrectly provided contact information in Whois may cause a domain registration to be denied.
    (I did not correct punctuation - let registrar be ashamed)

    After long attempts to clarify this issue and find justice, I was finally intimidated by the opportunity to terminate the contract, and I put my information on public display. And now anyone in black jeeps can visit the owner of the domain in the middle of the night .

    Since the history of Whois changes is preserved, then, as I understand it, it’s too late to rock the boat. But, nevertheless, it is still insulting.
    In addition, I believe that the truth is on my side.
    Domains registered with other registrars in the whois record contain the mailing address of the domain registrar. I found a document regulating this process, and it says that the registrar can indicate his mailing address. However, employees flatly refused to meet me. In addition, they really have written in the contract that I should provide personal information upon their request.

    Can someone tell me if there is truth in this world?

    When registering a domain, you must specify the correct contact details. Otherwise, the domain may be blocked by the registrar due to violation of the registration agreement. This information should be available when checking through the WHOIS database, as required by ICANN, the international organization that controls domain names. But often this information can be used for dishonest purposes, for example, sending spam.

    Many registrars provide WhoIs Protect. This service is a concealment of WhoIs information in public sources. It is primarily intended to hide the contact information of the domain owner from spammers. This service is not intended to completely hide information about the domain owner who conducts illegal activities. If so, all information about the domain owner will be issued at the appropriate request of the competent authorities.

    To implement WhoIs Protect, registrars use services similar to , .

    When using this service, the WhoIs record will look as shown in the example:
    What is Privacy Protect

    However, the question then arises: how to confirm your right to own a domain? Which registrar can be trusted?

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