From the largest tracker in Lithuania removed IP-addresses of users

    Lithuanian anti-piracy association LANVA conducted an operation against the country's largest torrent tracker . The object of the hunt was users who were distributing the distribution of Windows 7 Ultimate, TorrentFreak writes .

    As a result, LANVA agents were able to find out 106 IP addresses. And although the owner of the tracker Kestas (Kestas) promised to do everything to hide this information from the authorities, but here he could not help. The fact is that LANVA, like any self-respecting anti-piracy organization in each country, specifically registers accounts, posing as an ordinary user, and collects information from the closed areas of the torrent tracker. Their LinkoManija account was inactive for a long time, but last week they became more active, announced the operation and showed a screenshot with a list of peers from the µTorrent program as evidence. owner has already made an official statement. He believes that the peer list is not proof, because it does not give any information about how much information was de facto transmitted and received from these addresses, and whether at least one whole file was distributed or downloaded from them (of course, it does not going to provide them with this information).

    LANVA activists disagree with him. They submitted a list of IP addresses to the police, which would identify the pirates and must obtain evidence of pirated activity. Some of the users admit themselves, others will find evidence on the hard drive, well, and the rest, apparently, will be left alone. In the event of proof of guilt, the user faces a standard fine of several hundred dollars plus damages that Microsoft may bring.

    Kestas, in turn, also filed a lawsuit with the police. He believes that LANVA activists violated the rules for using the service, because in accordance with the terms of registration on the site, such people are generally forbidden to create accounts on a torrent tracker.

    Kestas also promised legal support to all potential prosecutors. “We informed our users that we will fight for them if they get into trouble, because this is a struggle for freedom for all of us,” he added.

    By the way, the owner of has been a personal enemy of the LANVA leadership since he registered the domain name, and then did not want to voluntarily give it to the anti-piracy activists.

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