Deanonymization on the Internet

    As I look like habrapiplu kamenty therefore publish their separate post

    topikstarter decided to warn about a cunning SCAM
    and after the publication of the full Heather I for fun decided to look so what is hiding behind them
    it turned out very funny
    and continued through hament to the
    Irkutsk citizens (I apologize in advance if I used the wrong toponym), probably it will be interesting%)

    with Friday, habrapipl :)


    I want to say that this is the case when "lucky." if the spammer had rummaged in the code and cut out sending of headers with the host, there would have been nothing
    and the coordinates left on the site were also lucky
    and with the general registration email
    as one famous song says : “you don’t need a knife for a fool ...”

    PS: some a while ago I was also deanonymized, literally in a three-way;) after which I, of course, cut out the info from a bunch of accounts;)

    PS2: I accept orders to search for people on the Internet, expensive;) in PM, the first three customers get a 25% discount (one more smiley)

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