DUST 514 - first-person shooter on the planets of the universe EVE Online

    DUST 514

    CCP is creating a first-person shooter that will be closely related to the EVE Online universe.

    Official Trailer:

    A few facts from the fan site:
    • Players landing on planets can conquer them, conquer them from the NPC and other players.
    • The player will be able to move on vehicles of various types: buggies, planes, tanks.
    • The skill system will not be like EVE Online, or WOW and the like; there will be a "matrix of achievements", and as tasks are completed, the player will gain access to items on the market.
    • According to rumors, DUST 514 will be on the Unreal Engine.
    • All races and factions of EVE Online will be in DUST 514, with their weaknesses and strengths and weapons.

    Another video from Fanfest 2009:

    Unofficial fan site - www.dust514.org .

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