Fulfillment of desires. Communication


    I would like to offer the Habra community a series of conferences devoted to the questions “What should be a modern online music store”. Only trade in licensed content is taken into account, since there is no need for free portals to further promote themselves. In the future, we, as representatives of the clan of web merchants, will try to bring the main points to life. And since the concept of “modern” has a changeable character, I hope that the topics will not end for a long time. The first topic is communication, exchange of views.

    Geoffrey Bezos, a pioneer in e-commerce, believes that a commercial site should become a habitat, a home page that is visited without planning any specific purchases. It follows that the matter will not be limited to even the most convenient navigation and quick search. We need entertainment services, we need interesting annotation texts, we need free content. What else? I propose to discuss the need for thematic communication.

    There is no shortage in the blogospheres and social networks today, but not enough people with like-minded subjects and conversation are enough everywhere. Subject - goods (desired or already purchased). Unanimity is in genre preferences. Necessary? How do you think should be implemented? User reviews - yes. There is an idea to save your collections in an open profile (from an online player) and be able to copy a friend’s collection to your online player. Something like “listening to the library” on Last.fm. Is it helpful?

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