History of Pocket FALLOUT

    I want to tell the story of the development of the Pocket FALLOUT project , which I already wrote about before . I must say right away that I have nothing to do with the project, I just decided to tell the habra public about its development, since the previous post was very well received.

    How well it all began ...

    The project grew and developed, and by the first of April version 1.2 was released. Since the project lives off the enthusiasm of a small number of people, a mods selling system has been introduced. Anything could be mods. From new weapons to the whole city. Those who wish could give their own for free, which happened in most cases. Since the author of the project, a person with the nickname maskin , is engaged only in the engine, the development of the game world is completely in the hands of modders:
    I do the engine. I’m no longer responsible for the world. If enthusiasts expand it - cool, no - I’ll have to wait a couple more months until my hands reach the development of new locations.

    "Enthusiasts" took note of this, and have already released several full-fledged modifications, which will be included in version 1.3.

    At first, the number of mods was measured in units, but when the people began to learn something, their number increased noticeably, which gave any appearance of the development of the project. It also pushed the author of the project to release the next version. But in connection with the "global financial crisis", a person was forced to suspend development and begin to search for work.

    And how can it all end ...

    Further problems only increased. Bethesda sued the domain pocketfallout.net, after which the project was forced to acquire a new name. Quote from maskin:
    Bethesda sued the old name pocketfallout.net in a rather rude and not beautiful way, without even warning us (as defendants) about it.

    Now the project is developing as quickly as before. I hope that it will be more cloudless and more rosy than recently!

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