Wii Sports Resort - my first impressions

    The main part of the article will be devoted to my impressions of the Wii Sports Resort game, but first I will tell you what the console may be of interest to computer engineers - the main contingent of Habr.
    For a very long time, I believed that game consoles are the lot of kids, adults, if they have not played enough in childhood, play only on computers. But, this year my opinion changed dramatically when I purchased the Nintendo Wii prefix. You can read my impressions and game reviews on the blog., and I will say a few words about it for those who still think that the consoles are for children. Firstly, games will allow you to tear the fifth point from a computer chair or sofa and get a decent load on the body. My friend, after jumping in front of the TV for 10 minutes in the Boxing game, the next day complained of muscle pain. And having bought an additional Wiifit accessory, you can do yoga and strength exercises. This is the first reason that may interest you in the console. But if you can’t live without a computer and programming, then the craftsmen managed to write special libraries for working with the Wii Remote, and you can create your own applications using the remote. For example, there is a program, when standing on the Wii Balance board, you can use the Wii Remote to travel in the programPlanet Earth from Google. On Habré you can find references to these opportunities. In the near future I also plan to get to know these libraries more closely.

    But today I will tell about my impressions of the new game Wii Sports Resort . Perhaps many of you already have this prefix, and you want to hear another opinion about this game. And for someone, suddenly this article will be the starting point and will spur interest in the Wii prefix.

    Finally, we waited! The new Wii Sports Resort game has already appeared in Russia. I already described my first impressions of this game when it was presented on Red Square. But, I wanted to deal with her in more detail in a relaxed home environment. Company New Disc, which represents the interests of Nintendo in Russia, has launched an advertising campaign about the start of sales of this game in Russia. On August 5, there was a special presentation in the Soyuz store with prizes to the first customers. I stopped after work in a store and bought a game. The staff of the New Disc gave me a large bath towel with the inscription Wii. For which many thanks to them, I just needed to buy a towel for the shower.

    The New Disc company is well prepared for this event by launching a special page dedicated to the Wii Sports Resort game. Flash animation of the island is made on the site almost one in one, as in the game. Also on the site in great detail about all the games: a lot of videos, instructions and other useful information. I recommend to visit the site to study the game.

    I will not repeat myself, but tell only about my impressions of the game. I must say right away that when I connected, I did not use any instructions or manuals. I was wondering if the user can independently understand the game. And, I must admit, the developers did their best. After I inserted the disk into the drive, the system update started. The operation lasted several minutes and I even began to show concern. But, fortunately, the update completed quickly and the game could be launched. The game begins with the launch of the training video, which shows in detail the process of installing the new Wii MotionPlus accessory . And then the game itself begins ...
    And the game also begins with the launch of the video - at an altitude of several thousand kilometers from the ground, a plane flies. In the compartment of the aircraft are two people - an instructor and a paratrooper. The instructor opens the door and starts to make a speech that the plane flies over the island and it is time to jump. The paratrooper, who was sitting with his back to me, turns and I see myself ... I almost fell off the chair! Of course, I did not see myself, but my character Mii, who at one time drew for a long time in the character editor. I am so used to my created unique character that when I saw him in a new game that I had never launched, I was simply taken aback. So, my character, that is, I, courageously went to the open door and kicked down. And here was my first acquaintance with the capabilities of Wii MotionPlus. While Mii was hovering in the air, I began to twirl my Wiimote in my hands. Skydiver, obeying my movements, very realistically somersaulting in the air, just like real parachutes in films. Then other paratroopers came from somewhere. And everyone began to mesh with each other, forming various shapes. I decided to play a little bullies and began to spin, hitting them with my body parts and disturbing them. Then there was a clap, a parachute was fired, and everyone landed safely on the island. And the game Lost (LOST) began. Just kidding. And the game Lost (LOST) began. Just kidding. And the game Lost (LOST) began. Just kidding.

    And then the acquaintance with 12 games began, which the Japanese corporation generously endowed us with. Since the descriptions of the games can be found on the Nintendo website, which I spoke about above, I’ll talk about some of them.

    As with many Nintendo games, some games can be accessed after going through previous modes. There were no problems with this - all the first levels are quite simple. But, let's start in order.

    Fencing - the first mode is interesting for boys, when on the tower you need to push the enemy into the water. I liked the other two games more. Speed ​​cutting modeIt has a touch of intelligence - the judge throws two identical objects to you and your opponent, and you need to not just chop it, but chop it in the right direction: from top to bottom, diagonally, horizontally. And you need to do this faster than your opponent. At first, without understanding, I just chopped off the shoulder))). I really liked the objects for cutting: watermelons, cakes, pencils, a vase with flowers, etc. The animation is very high quality and cool. MotionPlus clearly captures the direction of your shots and does not count the wrong shot. The third mode Collision is also more suitable for the younger generation, but an adult man can also swing his sword against a horde of opponents to stretch his body after working in the office or lose weight.
    The next game I liked is Frisbeeor throwing plates. The plot is simple - you throw a plate, and your faithful dog runs after her. If you threw the plate carefully and correctly, then your four-legged friend will have time to catch the plate and bring it back to you. I liked the doggie animation on successful throws. When a doggie catches a plate high in the air, then with joy it begins to dance on its hind legs, the audience applauds around, and you begin to be proud of your skill. Once I even managed to see how the dog, after a particularly successful throw, made somersaults for the joys. I suspect that the dog has other interesting tricks in the asset.

    The third game that could be a hit in the company is Basketball. The first mode is training. You need to throw 25 goals into the basket in 60 seconds. On Red Square, I have never been able to hit the target. At home in a relaxed atmosphere, from the first attempts I consistently scored 19-21 goals. But the 3x3 mode attracted me much more. This is a real game with combinations, false backswings and deft throws. The game involves two teams of three people. There are three players at your disposal that you can control. You can pass to any of them and entrust the throw. In my team, a girl was especially dexterous, who constantly fell into the basket from an acute angle. You can also dribble and defend. You can play against a computer opponent, but I want to try to play with one of my friends. In a sports company, this game should be a success.

    Table tennisI was already familiar from the previous public presentation of the game, and there is nothing special to add - a good game that many people will like.
    Of certain interest is the canoe game . As in the case of Fencing, this is a good way to warm yourself in the winter in a poorly heated apartment. You need to imagine that you have a paddle in your hands, which you need to row very energetically in order to pass the track, which is constantly increasing in the allotted time. Cheerful developers added a duck to the game with a family of ducklings that either prevent you from swimming when standing in the way, or swim next to you, mockingly overtaking you, while you sweat the oar in a sweat of your face.
    And finally, the last game that attracted me was a real flight simulator. You hold the remote control, like a model airplane, and fly around the island. You can do various aerobatics, fly under a bridge or through tunnels, shoot up sharply to avoid hitting a rock, and so on. My brother is a longtime fan of aviation and has always played flight simulations starting with the ZX Spectrum. Be sure to tell him about this game.

    I tried a quick glance at the rest of the games and I can’t tell anything interesting about them. After I bought the game and the first emotions have already subsided, we can summarize some of the results. In marketing brochures, marketers strenuously lean on the word revolutionaryregarding Wii MotionPlus. But, as a user, I did not feel any new features. Of course, without this accessory, games would not have turned out like that, but I'm talking specifically about my feelings. That is, increased accuracy of movements is taken for granted and not seen in games. If we talk about the collection as a whole - Wii Sport (tennis and bowling), Wiifit and Guitar Hero remain my favorites. Perhaps a little later I will return to Wii Sports Resort and pay more attention to it. But, if you are a fan of Nintendo products, like me, then you must have this game in your collection.
    The novelty is already available in Moscow, and residents of other cities can order it through online stores, for example, through OZON .

    Play for health!

    Note: Screenshots, videos and other materials on the game are presented in large numbers on the Nintendo website , so I did not use them here.

    Upd. People are asking for pictures. They gave a very good link to YouTube. Add to the review at the request of workers.


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