Personal Information Security

    I think many have heard the story about the biometric passport system. About how several organizations share finances to support the passport database. (for those who are not in the know, you can find many articles in the PS or and / 07/17/354484 ).

    About the fact that the method of the contest and its result raises many questions, many articles have already been written in various media. But this is generally a financial issue to a greater extent, and ordinary citizens are unlikely to find out the truth ...

    But I had another question, on Friday the previous developer of the biopassport system, the Voskhod Institute turned off the system, and now special services cannot access information stored on servers located in the research institute. The question arises, why, due to conflicts of commercial structures, the personal information of millions of Russians has become the subject of "bargaining" and "pressure" between different organizations?

    All personal information is obtained about me, my relatives, friends, etc. is an "asset" that can be freely "traded"? Why is information that is actually part of the state security of the country serviced by commercial structures and not by relevant departments, for example: FSB? Given that in Russia, business is called “wild” and businessmen do not have any moral responsibility, there is no guarantee that tomorrow the information will not be freely available on the markets in Mitino, Tsaritsyno, etc. What this can lead to, one can only guess ...

    On Sunday at TNT at 16:00 the film "Network" will be shown , which shows the consequences that can be expected if non-specialized structures are involved in the processing of personal information.

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