Glamorous Traceroute for iPhone

    Many people know the excellent utility MTR (MyTraceroute) for Linux, which combines the advantages of traceoute and ping (under Windows there seems to be WinMTR , although I have not tried it). This is a diagnostic tool to not just run a trace once, but specifically monitor the quality of the channel to the host. For example, you can run it for an hour or two and track whether there has been at least one lost packet during this time.

    Habrauser happybyte (Pavel Novikov, founder of the Belarusian hosting provider “Extmedia”) wrote Nice Trace for iPhone [ iTunes link , $ 0.99], which is even better than MTR in functionality, plus a colorful iPhone-style interface with graphics, animation, country flags and other things.

    Problem nodes on the screen change color, depending on the percentage of lost packets. When a packet is lost, the node blinks. In general, not the host trace, but the whole show. The program works surprisingly fast (in the sense of not getting stuck on problem nodes).

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