The experience of a failed launch of a social network

    Yaroslav Greshilov shares the experience of the UNSUCCESSFUL launch of the social network ILoveCinema.

    “The thesis is the first: if you need mass attendance, create services, not
    communities. Community building is a long and painstaking work that
    does not bring large dividends.

    We started with the community and communication services, and as a result we
    won as accomplices, but we lost a lot in quantity.

    In our case, it was supposed to be a personal film library, automatic
    recommendations and a personal poster.

    Thesis two: start small. Design the main service that
    will be the most popular among your audience, and start first
    him, and then already develop the project and add new functionality to it. We are
    at the beginning of the project did not understand, Getting Real does not
    read and have designed such a machine, which were once all the possible
    beneficial social (and other) services for moviegoers.

    "We spent a huge amount of time solving problems that are not
    critical for recruiting an audience.”

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