Qiwi. Mobile wallet and security

    Many are familiar with the blue machines standing here and there and the galloping bird (according to some versions - a pterodactyl) invitingly waving its paw, they say, come on.
    So, I am a regular user of this payment system. It’s very convenient, you know: I threw the money into the machine, and sat down for the computer and paid for everything that was supposed to. But this payment system also has a mobile application - “Mobile wallet”. This will be discussed.

    I downloaded it for myself under Windows Mobile and decided to feel the beauty of mobile payments. I’ll leave the interface alone, focus on what was incomprehensible to me. The application refused to accept my password. Re-entry also did not produce a result. Although the site took it with a bang.
    Bug, I thought and wrote to tech support (by the way, it was 05/26/2009):
    It is impossible to enter a password in your application that contains characters other than Latin letters and numbers (i.e. $% is no longer entered), and on the site they are perfectly accepted by the system.
    I beg you to fix this.
    Sincerely, Dmitri.

    To which, I received a relatively quick response:

    Such an opportunity will not appear in the near future, we recommend that you change the password on the site that contains only Latin letters and numbers.

    It remains unclear why the representative of the payment system consciously offers the client to reduce the password security and increase the likelihood of selecting one? Captcha on the site is not so hot, it is recognized easily.
    But the rest is quite good service.

    Still not losing hope for a good “Mobile wallet” your user.

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