zoclock 1.1.0

    zoc110.png - Picamatic - upload your imagesMy modest zoclock program , which I recently wrote about , aroused unexpectedly great interest. Not even one of my topics has caused such a resonance, I received not only a lot of comments and suggestions, but many private messages! And now (much later than promised :-)) I post a new version that takes into account many wishes, among which
    • clock display modes: 1-12, 1-12 + am / pm, 0-23
    • tooltip
    • the ability to display unixtime
    • ability to switch to hexadecimal system
    • many additional settings
    • “on top of other windows” mode (appeared in v.1.0.1)
    In addition, deb packages are prepared, the assembly procedure is simplified, and the organization architecture of the code is internal .


    I tried to show all the available settings in this screenshot

    Here, it seems to me, there is nothing to comment on :-)

    A few words about binary distributions

    I prepared two debs compiled on Ubuntu-9 and Ububntu-8 (for me the unexpected and unpleasant news was that the packages with the Qt library are called differently in these two distributions; in order to correctly register the dependencies, you have to make different packages )
    I also promised to make a distribution for Windows, but here it turned out to be very difficult. Firstly, I still could not compile a static exe-shnik. There are difficulties that even the Habr community could not resolve. The dynamic version drags three DDLs along, which somehow does not look very pretty. In addition, the Windows distribution is very heavy! I am currently playing with the Qt build options with the goal of making it easier. If you get something traveling, then I will definitely post it.


    If you like all this, then you can, with a clear conscience, plyusonut people who actively participated in the project. I would like to especially note two Habr-man:
    • Legh - suggestions, patches, discussions, tests
    • TeAnton - revision of the code and valuable suggestions for improving it (I know, I know, not everything was implemented, part - I didn’t have time, part - I can argue why I remained unconvinced :-))
    • And of course, thanks to everyone who participated in the discussion of the previous version of zoclock!


    I do not think that the development of zoclock will stop in the near future :-) I am waiting for thoughts, suggestions ... Thank you all!

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