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    The problem of offline downloading torrents seems to be solved. Now it's time to think about full automation.
    To get started, I made an RSS feed that can be embedded in a feed or in a torrent client.

    Everything works in the tape, but not in the client - apparently the problem is in JQuery, which is in the link to download the torrent file (if I'm wrong - correct it).

    It remains to explain to the venerable public why I did all this.
    1 - Still, the automation of downloading torrents.
    2 - Choose from a huge number of new products really needed.
    3 - Track the appearance of expected new products
    4 - Download some distributions then their closure by copyright holders.

    What's in the plans:
    1 - Make RSS more informative (what information do you think is necessary?)
    2 - Make the distribution descriptions correct extract
    3 - Make torrent files saved for subsequent distribution to those who wish
    4 - Make notifications of the expected distribution appear
    5 - Make the torrent download automatically and distribute it direct HTTP link.
    6 - Collection of information from other trackers (tfile, etc.)

    Can you suggest anything else interesting?

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