Jabber on your domain

    I registered a domain for myself. Well, of course, I wanted to screw mail, a jabber, a blog there ... Google Apps does a great job with mail. I tried to use all its services, but came across a nuisance that many people are familiar with on Google Talk - the lack of metacontacts, bookmarks, imputed user information and, of course, sending status every five minutes from my account. A little google, I learned about several Russian hosting companies that currently provide Jabber when renting a shared hosting from them, or as a separate service. Separately, it turned out to be possible to order Jabber only on hc.ru, while it’s free and unlikely in the future the price will exceed 50-100 rubles per month, and the geographical location of the servers provides a faster connection than Google.
    1) - To begin with, register at hc.ru
    2) - Next, go to hc.ru/ru/services/jabber and click "Order".
    3) - We see the following picture:
    Choose the service validity period, enter the name of the first account, click "Next".
    4) - It turns out the following:
    Click "choose a domain", see the following:
    5) - Put a check mark next to "Use a previously registered domain", click "Next"
    6) - Enter the name of your domain:
    7) - I draw attention to 2 lines:
    _xmpp -server._tcp SRV 0 0 5269 jb1.hc.ru.
    _xmpp-client._tcp SRV 0 0 5222 jb1.hc.ru.
    You should add this to the SRV in the admin panel of your domain (specifically, I registered at webnames.ru, I’m doing all the operations with the domain there). I’ll tell you a little more about this:
    Something like this you should add SRV records, that is, service - _xmpp-client._tcp, priority - 0, weight - leave it empty, defaults to 0, port - 5222, target - jb1.hc.ru . (yes, with a dot at the end).
    8) - Click “Next” and see our order:
    Feel free to click “Order”
    Well, actually, that’s all :) Now you will receive messages on the e-mail:
    - about placing the order;
    - about the username jabber server activated

    Now you just have to wait until all new SRV records are updated and when your server is activated. To know for sure, just try to uncover your server in the jabber client. If it is found, it means it’s already acting and you can start using it. I registered at night, at 2:00 Moscow time, and in the morning everything worked already :) So far this service is not suitable for corporate solutions - there is a limit of 10 jid on 1 domain. But if for himself and his family, then this decision is just right.

    PS I have not found other companies that provide jabber as a separate service, but there are 1gb.ru and spaceweb.ru, which for rent of virtual hosting make it possible to use their jabber server with your domain for free.

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