Comparison service. Solving the problems of choice among the abundance of goods

    Who is at the forefront?

    If before the main consumer problem was the shortage of goods, today the real difficulty in making purchases is their abundance. Today, when online shopping is becoming the norm not only in the US and Europe, or in South Korea, for example, but also in Russia (in Kazakhstan this process is just starting), the problem of choice is becoming even more acute.
    But if there is a problem, then there are always those who want to solve it. The solution was a product comparison service. Such services are popular abroad, for example, , . In RuNet, popular services such as and

    New service in the treasure

    Only recently in Kazakhstan with the advent of Megaline services from Kazakhtelecom and similar services from other providers, the Internet has become available to a wide range of consumers. Accordingly, users are becoming interested in receiving a wide range of Internet services.

    Many large suppliers of electronics, computer equipment in Kazakhstan acquire their own online stores. Today, several large Internet hypermarkets are already working, first of all, this is Many small suppliers or just intermediaries create more and more online stores.

    That is, in Kazakhstan, a need has come for a similar kind of service.

    The iLine company, having caught this need, has developed its own engine for this service. We plan to launch our first service in the near future at .

    What is so interesting about him?

    The proposed Internet resource will contain many typical functions for such services:
    • Get information about suppliers of goods;
    • Compare the cost of goods from different suppliers;
    • compare the technical characteristics of various products;
    • get information about the availability of goods from suppliers;

    The process of filling the product catalog is not an easy task, as it might seem at first glance. The tool automating this process, providing convenient, high-quality and quick filling of the catalog, is the first competitive advantage of our service.

    The next advantage is convenient and effective means of searching for goods. In addition to searching by keywords, the service will provide the ability to search by a combination of criteria, for example, “price range”, “brand”, “specific characteristics”. Characteristics for product templates are set when filling out the catalog.

    Special attention is given to the product or store pricing service.
    In addition to the general assessment of the product, the user will be able to evaluate the product according to its individual characteristics. For example, to evaluate a refrigerator on a five-point scale by such characteristics as “freezing ability”, “size”, etc.

    On the portal , among other things, the visitor will be able to:
    • Get information about the rating of goods and stores;
    • Get information about hot offers or updates;
    • leave your feedback on products and get acquainted with reviews of other consumers;
    • discuss products on the forum;
    • read the instructions for the purchase of a limited liability company or another product;
    • read reviews and news on various market segments;
    • subscribe to newsletters, reviews, articles, etc .;
    • buy the selected product in the supplier’s online store (in this case, the system automatically redirects the user to the partner’s online store page, with a full description of the offered product and the possibility of adding one to the basket for subsequent payment).

    It is planned to develop a “social” component of the service. For example, a function such as a “wish list”. There are many fairly popular projects that allow you to publish your “Wishlist” on the Internet in order to inform your friends and relatives, say before your birthday, about what gift you are waiting for. You can send your wish list to your friend (s) by email :)
    Why not add this feature to the product comparison service? Already adding :)

    There are many more “goodies” that can be discussed in the following topics, if anyone is interested.
    We will be glad if our experience will be useful to anyone and grateful for any advice and comments.

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