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    Probably many of you know that Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks do not compress images optimally, and after cutting the layout in Photoshop (Fireworks), the images can be compressed in most cases. On average, additional compression without losing the quality of a small site can save 10 kilobytes, not to mention all sorts of photo galleries or sites with lots of graphics. A lot, especially on highly loaded projects! There are quite a few console programs for compressing pictures without loss of quality, and working through the console is rather inconvenient, and this takes the developer time. About a month ago, I came across a program called ImageOptim .


    It runs images through console image optimizers (AdvPNG from AdvanceCOMP, OptiPNG, PngCrush, JpegOptim, Jpegtran from libjpeg and optional PNGOUT) and selects the best algorithm for compression, and most importantly, it has a very convenient visual interface. Just drag an image or image folder into the ImageOptim window and that’s it. Unfortunately, the program is designed to work only with png and jpg formats and does not support gif.

    I hasten to upset Windows users, there is only a version of the program for Mac. Those who use Windows can pay attention to the service - this is an online graphics optimizer, there is also an extension for Firefox. One of the advantages of the service over ImageOptim is the ability to optimize animated gifs.

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    upd2. The comments suggested that there is a program with similar functionality for windows, called PictureBeaver . I did not test this utility myself, so whoever uses it please write off. The author, by the way, is Muscovite Artyom Sapegin.

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