Electric Cherry: now with a motor!

    In the 21st century, it became unfashionable to move on your own (see electric scooters and other segways ). Cherry went the farthest with a bike hybrid.

    and here he is, The Electric Cherry


    Cherry was created as a cheaper and easier answer to electric cars. And, of course, inspired by cherry fruit. As the developers happily claim, together with Cherry you will forget not only about gasoline (which is very expensive), but also about batteries (hello to electric cars), and also, which is especially important in a megalopolis, about the absence of free parking space.


    A miracle bike weighs only 40 kg (by the way, how much is a regular bike?), And its carbon fiber frame will do everything for you to ride comfortably.


    In general, miracles and more. And taking into account the fact that the price for the Electric Cherry has not yet been announced, one can only guess at what time it will get to the "green" geeks.

    The material was created in the wake of this article .

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