I am looking for like-minded people: we will organize our business

    Dear Habra-users, I think that there are no longer those who have not touched in any way ... whatever word to insert ... whom the global financial insufficiency has not touched.
    Among my acquaintances from it and advert circles all winter and spring 2009 it was very popular to get together at someone in the apartment with a box of beer and come up with startups, ideas for a million dollars, coloboreys and coworking.
    Summer has come. I don’t see any changes in my acquaintances enthusiasts and this is not due to lack of financial support (of course, depending on what kind of idea), but from the simple inability to build a working business myself, from scratch.

    What is my topic about:
    I would like to find people who are really ready to do new business. Specialists in the field of web, advertising and innovation. Those who have a head on their shoulders, a little free time and most importantly - the desire to create.

    If you already have an idea and a team (I am sure there are a lot of such here), but you do not have enough resources, write your needs here. Perhaps I or other users can help you.

    If you do not have specific ideas, but have a desire to become "one of the creators" - write a couple of lines about yourself and your goals.

    And now the main thing: since we are going to invest our time and the results of brain activity in our ideas, do not forget that all work must be rewarded and properly executed. I am talking about correctly drafted constituent documents and decent interest to working partners.

    completely forgot - information about me

    Interesting: Internet marketing, new media, viral advertising, marketing research and ... website development

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