Steampunk site

    Hello. I rummaged around the Russian Internet and almost did not find specialized sites for steampunk. There is modding, there is design, but there is no steampunk within walking distance.

    The domain is busy (ay-yy-yy - this domain is also empty), so has grabbed it.

    The notorious livestreet in the habrosociety took the engine, through friends he found a designer and made a logo.

    So on May 20, Steampunker began his life .

    So all lovers of steam (and Habr, for the engine is almost the same) I invite. For my part, I promise not only photos and videos, but also articles from the do-it-yourself series (part - translations of foreign authors, part - the work of our masters, I will try to pull up the authors themselves). In general, steampunk country unite.

    PS. I did not post to the "I PR" blog, because it’s terribly terrible.
    PPP. If you have any questions, ask.

    He said let's go and click "Publish" ...

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