Britain has seven million Internet pirates

    About seven million people in the UK continue surfing the Web, launched by Sir Walter Raleigh at sea, and are slowly pirating.

    The Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property (SABIP) claims that 1.3 million people use file-sharing resources every day and download information worth £ 120 billion a year .

    According to the deputy head of the British Ministry of Intellectual Property David Lammy (David Lammy), this issue cannot be resolved solely by national regulators and requires joint action at the international level.

    Earlier, nine British media associations, together with trade unions, called on the government to oblige Internet providers to block illegal file-sharing resources. According to them, more than half of all Internet traffic in Britain is the transfer of stolen content.

    Providers claim that surveillance of users is not their responsibility.

    According to SABIP, a new generation of broadband access will allow downloading data at a speed of 50 Mb / s, which is equivalent to downloading 200 MP3 files in five minutes or the complete works of Charles Dickens in ten minutes.

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