It happens that for some site or interface or blog you need icons. Where to get them? You can order from designers for money, or you can use icons from free sets. With designers and money, everything is more or less clear. Let's talk about free icon sets. For example, a website or blog has some special design and it is difficult to find suitable icons. Or the authors of the site want the icons to be exclusive. Or, suddenly, you need the same icons, but in different colors. (anything can happen)

    We thought about all this for a long time and finally came up with this project: Ikonza


    - A web application that gives access to a collection of free icons, but this collection is not easy. Icons in Ikonz can be repainted in any color. Plus, you can change the size of the icons. Thus, you can get a lot of "unique" badges.

    In order to popularly explain what Iconza is and how it works, we shot a comedic screencast (it’s better to watch directly from YouTube) :

    Also popular now: