Google applied algorithms to its employees

    Concerned about the brain drain , Google has used a proven tool to solve the problem: an algorithm.

    Recently, the search giant has created a special database that collects all information about employees, including their payment history, reviews and recommendations, career facts, interview answers, etc. On this basis, they began to run an algorithm that calculates the probability with which this particular employee wants to leave the company. That is, a constantly updated list of “risky positions” is obtained. Accordingly, the company can start searching for employees for these vacancies in advance or offer the best employee working conditions.

    Google management refuses to provide specific details about the algorithm that is currently being tested. But the first results of his work are encouraging: he has already calculated a number of employees who are not sufficiently busy with work (this is the main reason why people leave the company).

    Data mining in the work of the human resources department is beginning to be used by many large companies in the IT industry. According to experts, Google leads among them.

    via The Wall Street Journal

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