Usability and Advertising (lecture at RUDN University)

    On May 15, the Advertising Vector Conference was held at the University of Peoples' Friendship. We were invited to conduct a master class at it. Andrei Sikorsky and I gave a lecture on Usability and Advertising.

    The lecture material echoes our report at the “PR on the Internet” conference, held two days earlier. But in the format of the lecture, it was possible to expand many provisions: to discuss a recent experiment with focusing user attention on appropriate interface objects - we showed not only heat maps, but also comparative statistics:
    • in time to the first click,
    • concentrated eyes
    • effectiveness (utility) of perfect clicks.
    Next week the report of this experiment will be completed. Those who wish can receive it upon request at (in the subject line write the word GazeCatcher).
    Presentation used at the lecture

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