Cyberplat payment system place in the basket?


    Pay attention to the “stand in line” slogan and the Windows Recycle Bin icon.
    With me, some guys in the store stupidly clicking on all parts of the screen failed the main application, got into Windows.
    What is visible on the photo was obtained by a print screen with a little editing + the image on the desktop, but the application itself is not running, the taskbar is hidden :) It's a pity the video was not taken, well, maybe another time.
    ( Updated: in the comments people shared a video on the results of the post, here it is: )

    You can arrange a flash mob. Apparently, only this can teach our programmers not to be lazy. Sorry, but Cyberplat sucks, and now I most likely will not trust their system of accepting bank cards via the Internet.

    For OSMP machines, for example, there are no such complaints.

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