A holiday comes to us, FreeBSD 7.2 came out tonight!

    Congratulations to all FreeBSD users that version 7.2 has finally been released!
    Having done cvsup last night, I discovered that the version of the system has become 7.2-RELEASE, which is a couple of days ahead of the planned release date.

    Disk images on ftp appeared only tonight, or rather in the morning, Moscow time, although the date of change is May 1st.
    What key changes were made in 7.2, you can see the link , I note only the most interesting (IMHO):
    • Multi IP support for Jail! finally they did it. Now you can use several IP addresses in the same jail as ipv4 and ipv6, or even do without them.
    • Amd64 increased virtual kernel address space to 6GB

    Detailed list of changes
    List of supported equipment
    Also yesterday, the newsletter announced changes to the end-of-life of the FreeBSD Security Officer as follows:
    Users who use FreeBSD 7.0 are recommended to quickly upgrade to 7.1. Maybe someone will be waiting for the upcoming 7.2 release, but they should know that this release will receive only the "normal" version of support - 12 months, therefore it will not be supported as long as 7.1.
    At this point in time, support for different branches is as follows:
    RELENG_6 n / a n / an / aNovember 30, 2010
    RELENG_6_36.3-RELEASEAdvancedJanuary 18, 2008January 31, 2010
    RELENG_6_46.4-RELEASEAdvancedNovember 28, 2008November 30, 2010
    RELENG_7n / an / an / alast release + 2 years
    RELENG_7_17.1-RELEASEAdvancedJanuary 4, 2009January 31, 2011

    RC2 still lies on Russian mirrors ... but you can already get 7.2 images from the wizard, but it’s easier to make cvsup to RELENG_7_2 and you will be happy :)

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