Customize forms using SharePoint Designer

    SharePoint is a great platform for building applications.
    Importantly, within half an hour after downloading, you can start working by creating nodes, libraries, lists, etc.

    But, often, the moment comes when you need to change the design of the page, customize the forms, but there is not enough basic functionality available through the Web interface, and there is no desire or time to write code in Visual Studio.

    In this case, a useful tool comes to our aid - SharePoint Designer 2007, which with a lot of documentation and examples is now available for download absolutely free .

    In this topic, I would like to show one of the capabilities of this tool for setting up list forms.

    For example, we’ll create a form for creating an element of the “Tasks” list on the main page of a site.

    To work, we actually need SharePoint (WSS) and SharePoint Designer (hereinafter SPD), which can be downloaded at the following links:
    WSS + SP1 -4565E8549C2A & displaylang = en

    So, we have a SharePoint node and installed SPD.

    The rest is simple.
    We launch SPD, connect to our site and open the main page.


    In the menu, click Insert> SharePoint Controls> Custom List Form, select the list (Tasks) and the type of form (New).


    The form is added.


    Now we modify it to our requirements - we change the design, text, delete unnecessary fields, etc.
    (everything is done the same way as in a regular HTML editor)

    Save the page and go to our site.


    10-20 minutes and all without a single line of code. For better or worse, you decide.
    You can also change the creation, editing and reading forms for any list.
    To do this, open the desired list in SPD, select the page (for example, Newform.aspx), delete the standard form and add the Custom List Form according to the above example. Or you can simply create a new page, and in the list properties assign it to be displayed.

    This is where the possibilities for customizing and creating forms for SharePoint lists are just beginning :)

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