Spotify - over 10 million legal music tracks for free *

    Spotify is a legal music listening service founded in Sweden in 2006 and publicly opened on October 7, 2008. More than 10 million tracks of famous labels are available to users. The base of songs is actively growing, and the music of such groups as AC / DC, The Beatles, Metallica, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd is also available. The number of registered users currently exceeds 1 million.
    In light of recent events (a paid subscription to ), interest in Spotify has grown markedly.
    Until February 10, 2009 it was possible to register for free only by invitation. Now there are three types of subscriptions:
    • Premium (9.9 € per month)
    • Day Pass (1 €)
    • Free (only for Sweden, Norway, Finland, Great Britain, France and Spain)


    Program Overview

    The program’s interface is somewhat reminiscent of iTunes:
    It's nice to see that developers keep up with the times and use the color scheme in the style of the latest Apple applications (“Marble” theme). The client works fast enough, for the entire time of using the delay I noticed only a couple of times. All music is encoded using the Vorbis q5 codec with an average bitrate of about 160 kilobits / second (better than, by the way), so a 256 kilobit channel should be fine. It works according to the Peer-to-Peer principle - when listening to music, it is stored in the cache and distributed as it is needed to other users, which generates outgoing traffic commensurate with the incoming. As a result, it is useful to have at least 500 megabytes of free space when installing. Among the functions of the program is available radio:
    As you can see, a sufficiently convenient functionality is provided for choosing a genre of music of different years (starting from the 50s and earlier). Playlists are supported, there are even sites with ready-made playlists - 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 . You can make a link to a song and give it to a friend, or for some reason put it on your desktop and show off. Take a look at the search:
    Spotify search is smart enough and you can search by different song tags. In order not to remember every time how to write a request correctly, we use this site. Let's look at the settings:
    In addition to the cache size settings and others, we notice! Enter your username and password and all the music you listen to will be successfully scribbled onto your account.

    No matter how many Spotify computers are installed, you can listen to music from just one.

    The program is available for Windows , Mac OS X and Linux (using Wine - instructions ).


    The service only checks IP registrations, so we only need to change our IP once and continue to enjoy access. Of course, you can simply move to the UK or other countries where free registration is available, or find a proxy for these countries, but we will use the wonderful website , follow this link and finally get a precious reg. When specifying the index, we will not try to settle in the basement of a long-demolished house, but use this link and select the hotel that suits us - why not waste time on it? Then we download the program and listen to the music. Or do not listen.

    It should be noted that there are times when the program still decides to check your IP (or come up with something else). In this situation, it is enough to go to the site through a proxy and confirm that you are a lightning man and know how to move around the world at a frantic speed. They will believe you and return access.

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