ESET released Conficker worm removal tool

    Moscow, February 6. ESET, an international developer of antivirus software and computer security solutions, announces the release of the Conficker worm removal tool, also known as Downadup or Kido. The malware has already infected more than 10 million computers around the world.

    Win32 / Conficker.A- a worm that spreads by exploiting a vulnerability in the Windows operating system. The first symptoms of infection are the cessation of antivirus updates and the inability to get to the sites of developers of antivirus products. In addition, in addition to having its own malicious function, Conficker can become an intermediate link for a subsequent virus attack. Having penetrated the computer, Conficker tries to additionally download malware or adware, usually these are FakeAlert, Wigon variants.

    To avoid infection, you must firstly use a constantly updated licensed antivirus software, and secondly, install the Windows operating system update, available from October 2008. Detailed information about the vulnerability can be found on the Microsoft website .

    ESET experts recorded a malicious program that creates extensive botnets in November 2008. Since then, ESET solutions freely detect Conficker in its three versions - A, B, C. The worm is deleted from an already infected computer using a special utility that can be downloaded from the link: exe

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